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MightyWave - our proprietary industrial solid-state microwave generators

The challenge of deploying industrial size microwave processes is the availability of reliable generators for harsh operating environments. We designed and fabricated our “MightyWave

solid-state generators for such tasks.


MightyWave Intelligent Control

The performance of a microwave process depends on the microwave generator's operation and is tightly coupled to the instantaneous process conditions and the chemical composition inside the reactor-cavity. 

Our AML - online intelligent control system is a set of Artificial Intelligent software modules such as heuristics, machine learning, Bayse probabilistic reasoning, fuzzy logic, and others to produce an automatic control covering all relevant aspects of process dynamics for optimized operations. 

MightyWave Control screen


Bayesian probability values for process controlling parameters


AML is using a triangular distribution, which is based on plant data or can be edited by the user.


The distribution of microwave energy inside the reactor-cavity cannot be directly measured or calculated. It is, however, critical for the process’s performance.

The chemical reaction depends on the temperature at any section inside the reactor-cavity and is a function of the strength of the microwave and the composition of the payload at that point.

While the microwave energy input to the process can be controlled, the absorption characteristic of the payload cannot be predicted. AML can be “trained” on immediate past performance and include that in the control algorithm.

The unique online and real-time capacity of AML allows us to perform this procedure automatically.

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