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Carbon emissions by sectors

Mitigating climate change requires zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


There are two options:

  • Reduce sources: pre-combustion - replace fossil fuels with renewables

  • Increase sinks: post-combustion - eliminate carbon emissions   

Source: BP Statistical Review, 2022

Power Generation and Transportation are the immediate targets for emissions mitigation accounting for 63% of total carbon emissions, releasing almost 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year.


While our feed is carbon emissions from fossil fuel facilities, we produce hydrogen which is the future clean fuel for the transportation sector, with the double benefits: 

eliminating carbon emissions from fossil fuels while producing the fuel the carbon-free vehicles 

Power generation stands to increase significantly in the most populated Asian nations
Most new capacity will be fueled by coal for

energy independence considerations 

Mitigating climate change requires a rapid solution for power generation and alternative transportation fuels.

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