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The Solution

The Solution

The Solution

The Solution

Chemically convert Carbon Emissions from Fossil Fuel facilities such as power plants to valuable - non-greenhouse gas products:

Convert CO2 to Green Hydrogen  

The Hydrogen Economy

The fundamental objective of the Hydrogen Economy is the replacement of fossil fuels with clean hydrogen as the ultimate energy source for all sectors of the economy, including power generation and all aspects of transportation. IEA predicts that in 2050, hydrogen consumption to reach 250 million tons 

Since hydrogen is not a naturally occurring gas, it needs to be produced from raw materials. The two most common hydrogen-bearing materials are water and methane gas. 


Hydrogen from Water:

Water Electrolysis


  • Inexpensive and widely available raw material


  • Consumes large amounts of electricity, half of which will still be generated from fossil fuels by 2050 and beyond - will produce excessive amounts of carbon emissions.
  • Green Hydrogen - if produced from renewable resources, will require significant capital investment in generation and power grid.

Hydrogen from Methane: 
Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)


  • Mature technology - producing 90% of current hydrogen consumption 



  • Large and expensive - operates at very high pressures 

  • Produce a considerable amount of CO2

  • Require expensive Carbon Capture modules



Another approach to hydrogen from methane is Dry Methane Reforming (DMR), where methane with CO2 produces green hydrogen. 

Our Hydrogen Production Solution:
Microwave Methane Reforming (MMR)

Amiren's proprietary hydrogen production technology combines SMR and DMR to produce green hydrogen under microwave radiation - Microwave Methane Reforming - MMR.  
This process occurs in atmospheric pressure at a fraction of the energy consumption of SMR, with substantial savings in Capital and Operating Costs. 


Our modular design and small footprint allow us to deploy our technology adjacent to existing power plant hosts, feed on their carbon emissions, and chemically decompose CO2 gas to produce true green hydrogen at very low costs.

This is a fast process with a very high rate of reaction.
Our proprietary Intelligent Control provides for online optimization maximizing hydrogen yield while minimizing costs. 


Our technology combines a solution for carbon emissions in the two most carbon polluting sectors in one process: 
Power Generation and Transportation

Amiren has the solution to reduce the unacceptably high content of fossil fuels for power generation in the most cost effercive manner.     

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