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carbon emissions liabilities
to hydrogen value

We developed microwave-powered innovative clean energy processes designed to mitigate climate change. 

Our patent-pending processes utilize state-of-the-art microwave technology that significantly cuts energy consumption while reducing capital and operating costs.


While our process can be deployed autonomously as a clean hydrogen production hub, due to our modular design and small footprint it can also be deployed on-site of carbon-emitting host plants such as coal- or gas-fired power plants, feed on their carbon emissions to produce clean hydrogen, thereby achieving zero carbon emissions for the host plant while improving its financial performance. 


The host plant redirects its flue gas to the Amiren process, where the carbon and water vapors components are reacting with natural gas and the nitrogen component of the feed gas is released without causing any environmental harm. 

Most carbon capture & storage (CCS)  and carbon capture & utilization (CCU) processes require pure carbon feed. This necessitates the deployment of a carbon capture unit, which is expensive, complicated, and “dirty”. 


Feed to Amiren’s process does not have to be purified, and it performs well with high Nitrogen and water vapor content. The nitrogen is inert and does not affect the chemistry of the process, while water vapor in the feed is another source of hydrogen, and reacts under microwave radiation resulting in high-yield hydrogen production.  




Below is a sample of outlet gas composition for a flue gas input composition of:
35%     N2
31% CH4
25% CO2 
9%   H2O

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