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The Hydrogen Economy

Our Experience

Amiren has been developing its microwave processes for over a decade now. 

Our initial work was conducted in the early 2000s in Colorado, where we developed a microwave based coal upgrading process.

In 2013 we were invited by the largest power utility in China to assist with their poor environmental performance. 

Our experience in the development of microwave processes became an important advantage for Hydrogen production. We proved the advantages of microwave processes for the decomposition of GHG and the production of hydrogen in a set of laboratory and pilot scale tests.

Most importantly we showed that the production of clean hydrogen can be performed at atmospheric pressures when prevailing processes require operating pressures of 50 bar (over 700 psi). This allows us to reduce the costs of our equipment making the operation a lot simpler. 

The advantages of microwave processes were later supported by independent research. It was disclosed that carbon based microwave processes have a significant saving on energy consumption.  

Our estimates show that 1 kg of hydrogen from our current Clean Hydrogen process would cost less than $2.00, and the goal of $1.00 per 1 kilogram can be achieved in the very near future.



Our Microwave Hydrogen Production Experience


Microwave pilot facilities


Hydrogen Reactor-Cavity


PLC Control


Reactor-cavity Generation 1


Reactor-cavity Generation 2


Reactor-cavity Generation 3

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