We are a clean energy start-up. Our innovative Patent Pending process chemically decomposes carbon dioxide and methane greenhouse gasses to produce clean hydrogen. We achieve that with zero carbon emissions. 

Our objective is to
Convert Carbon Emissions Liability
to Clean Hydrogen Value

We conform to DOE’s Hydrogen Shot strategy of “1 1 1”, which seeks to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen to $1 per 1 kilogram within 1 decade.
Our current production cost is under $2 per 1 kg of hydrogen.

Our technology does not only resolve carbon emissions challenges, but we also produce clean hydrogen – the clean fuel for most other energy users

Our modular design utilizes pioneering microwave technology operating at atmospheric pressure and low temperatures with low capital and operating costs and significantly low energy consumption.

​Our mission

Fast-tracking climate change mitigation to meet the

international objective of 1.5 degrees Celsius​